Creating Healthy Futures for Country Kids

Royal Far West.

Organisation mission

Royal Far West is one of our nation’s most enduring and respected charities. Established in Manly in 1924, our mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of children and young people who live in Australia’s rural and remote communities.

We believe every Australian child has the right to the health, education and developmental care that will help them unlock their potential, wherever they live.

We leverage our knowledge, expertise and relationships to advocate for country kids to have an equitable level of health and wellbeing services to those available to kids who live in urban areas.

“Royal Far West is expanding rapidly in an effort to help navigate the rising challenges and often-harsh realities of country life for kids. This has seen a growing prevalence of behavioural, mental health, speech and language challenges, which is driving the unrelenting demand for our services.”

Jacqui Emery
CEO, Royal Far West

Little Girl Playing At Playground Outdoors In Summer

The kids

We offer health, education and disability services for country kids and their families at our Centre for Country Kids in Manly, virtually via Telecare, and in local communities.

Through a team of more than 90 paediatric clinicians we offer psychology, speech pathology, social work and support and occupational therapy to treat country children with speech and language delays, behavioural and learning difficulties and mental illness – specialised paediatric services that are difficult to access. In 2019, we supported over 9,500 children, families and health/educational professionals.

Our aim is to provide the right support at the right time, in order to give Australia’s country children the help they need to thrive.

Too many country kids are missing out on the vital services that are integral to a positive life trajectory. It is these kids, families and communities we are proud to serve.

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